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Welcome to CIS 162 - Applications for Web Development

Course Description: This course provides students with advanced Web theory and graphics. Students will learn how to analyze the needs and desires of the client or company as related to its Web presence and translate these objectives and goals into appropriate Web architecture. Students will also explore e-commerce issues relevant to this design. Students will work with software packages for graphics and Web page creation and learn to implement the graphic and interactive needs into the Web architecture. Pre or co-requisite: CIS 122 and CIT 131, or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Competency met: Technical Literacy (8.0) 3 credits Spring

Instructions: This website will be updated often and will be your resource for learning about weekly homework assignments, quizzes, etc. Be sure to check it frequently! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. I am available for in person meetings if requested. I look forward to having all of you in my class and I look forward to a successful semester!

College Status UPDATE

As you may already be aware, the college is making decisions on how to move forward with the semester as they received updates from the health and higher education authorities. Please note that, given that this is an online course, I will continue to post assignments as initially scheduled. With that said, I will be using Spring Break as an opportunity to get caught up with the feedback that I may owe you. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns. Please also be sure to check your Bristol email, ongoing, for additional updates.

Week #6


  • Final Project Status Check-in

Due by midnight on March 17

Please send me an email with an update on the status of your intended final project. Is everything able to move forward as planned? Do you have any questions or concerns?

Week #5

Key Topics for Review:

  • Intro to Web Development Tools: Expression Web and DreamWeaver

Due by midnight on March 8

Part 1: This week I would like you to begin exploring alternative Web Development tools. Two options that I have for you include Expression Web and DreamWeaver. If you have other tools that you would like to explore as part of this process, please let me know.

It is not uncommon for a web developer to be asked to convert a document into a webpage. Below, I have provided you with two documents (in PDF format) and one of the corresponding images. As an exercise, I would like you to create individual html files that, to the best of your ability, mimic the layout/look of the pages including lists, tables, images, etc. and validate Strict (I will also accept Transitional validation, however Strict will be worth more points). While developing your pages, be mindful of the filenames that you give each one as they should not contain spaces, should be reasonable in length, and be related to the purpose of the page.

You are not required to type the content. You may use Nitro PDF, Adobe Reader, or an alternative PDF reader so that you can select the content and paste it into your webpage.

Content / Layout Files
    - Citing Poetry using MLA Format
    - Bristol Enrollment Checklist (Recreate any two pages)

Associated Images
    - Pen (JPG)
    - Pen (GIF) 


DreamWeaver: You can download a free trial of DreamWeaver directly from Adobe. Please note that the trail is for a limited time. There are also video tutorials as well as instructional tutorials available from Adobe as well as YouTube.

Expression Web: The entire Expression Web product (full version, not a trial) can be downloaded for free from Microsoft. There are also several video tutorials available on YouTube, including the following:

Working with Templates (Expression Web)

Please note that for both of these tools, you have the option to view the Code, the Design as well as a Split view (both). I recommend that you use the Split view as it will help you see how making modifications to the design effects the code and visa versa. Although, you may be familiar with the code aspect of developing a webpage, for the sake of learning the application, please aim to work with the GUI to help you become familiar with the application. If you have any questions along the way, please let me know.

Part 2: Upon completion, I would like you to post your webpages to your CISWeb account. You should have received an email (not from me) with your CISWeb login information. You may use WinSCP to post your pages online. To learn more about how to post to cisweb, click here for a tutorial. In the linked references for posting to cisweb, please note that it identifies the host name as However, you should instead use Also, the Port Number should be 220.

Part 3: Once you have uploaded your webpages to the server and identified your active URLs, add those links to your WordPress site. Within your WordPress site, I would also like you to reflect on which of the tools you used to complete this assignments as well as a 2+ paragraph reflection on the process of using a tool to develop web pages. Upon completion of this assignment, email your WordPress URL as well as attached your HTML files to me for review.

Week #4

Key Topics for Review:

  • Final Project Competitive Analysis

Due by midnight on February 25

Based on your intended final project I would like you to conduct some research to determine potential competitors of your client as well as identify some inspirational features for the website that you plan to create.

Using the following resource, I would like to you complete steps 1-3, 5*,6** and 7**. How to Write a Competitive Analysis for Your Small Business

  • *Step 5: Identify and analyze their Social Media (if applicable) and existing Website and/or Blog. Include the URLs for all applicable findings.
  • **Steps 6 & 7: For these steps, focus on the features of the competitor's web presence.
    • Based on the Idea Books that you have developed thus far, what are some features that you both do and do not like (and why)? Use this information to develop a new idea book to address these areas.


Week #3

Key Topics for Review:

  • Final Project Ideas (Rough Draft)

Due by midnight on February 18

  • Begin to brainstorm about the type of professional website you would like to create as your final project for this course. The business you choose, should be an existing (or start up) business with which you will be building / redesigning the company website for a client. Please consider a few potential options until you confirm whom will be your client for the semester. If you do not have someone in mind, please contact me ASAP so that I may assist you.
  • Send me a summary of your goals and potential considerations (up to three potential clients). If this is an existing company, you should include active links to either the company's existing website or links to information about the company. Since this is early in the semester, it is possible that you may change your mind in the next week or two, however, I want you to at least have some key considerations (an potential clients) in mind from which you can build upon.

    Some things to consider and identify as part of your submission:
    • Sector of Industry: Private/Public, Profit/Non Profit
    • Type of Business: Financial, Consumer Product, Service Based, etc.
    • Size of Business: Small, Medium, Large, How many employees are there?
    • Target Audience: Business Professionals, Children, Senior Citizens, Government Agents, etc.

Week #2

Key Topics for Review:

  • Logo Designs

Due by midnight on February 11

I would like you to continue to build upon your idea book by identifying at least 10 different company identification headlines / logos that appeal to you. As you had done last week, I would like you to take a screenshot and place your findings in either PowerPoint or Word. This document should be separate from your last idea book guideline. For each of the company headlines / logos you select, I want you to identify the category of typeface to which it best fits. As you search the web, I would like you to be looking to identify at least 4 different typeface categories.


To help prepare you for future assignments, I would like you to begin reviewing the resources provided below.

Reading/Resources: Client Interview Questions/Considerations

Week #1

Key Topics for Review:

  • Online Communication
  • Online Research Techniques (see Search Engine Tutorial under Required Reading)
  • Understanding Web Design: Effective / Ineffective Web Design

Due by midnight on February 2

Required Reading

Online Communication

  • Research the following forms of online communication: blog, discussion board, wiki, and website.
  • Using a Word Processor (i.e. MS Word), identify the purpose of each of these forms of online communication and differentiate between them - compare and contrast them (i.e. Why would someone create a blog rather than a wiki, website, or discussion board? List some of the differences between them.)
  • Identify at least two examples of each and provide the appropriate references for your research.
  • Upon completion, email your Word document to me as an attachment using the required email subject and filename format.


  • Do some research on WordPress. Be sure that you understand the difference between a .com and a .org WordPress site.
  • Create your own FREE website. You are not required to spend any money to create your site as part of this course. If you choose to upgrade your WordPress site, you may do so of your own volition, but again are not required to do so for this course.
  • Once your WordPress site is create, email your WordPress URL to me.

Prior Experience

·    Using the WordPress site you created, write 2-3 paragraphs explaining your computer background, experience with web development (which should include past courses), the software packages that you have experience with (this may include non-web development software), and your goal(s) for this course based on the course description. These goals may be either personal or professional.

Effective / Ineffective Web Design (Idea Book): Using either PowerPoint or Word, I would like you to create a virtual idea book that encompasses the list of items below. This should be accomplished by using the PrintScreen functionality. For each item, along with a thorough explanation of each of your selections, provide the URL for reference.

If you are using PowerPoint, your explanation (per website) should appear in the Notes section. If you are using Word, be sure that you are clearly corresponding your explanation with the appropriate website and feature.

  1. Find 5 webpages with attractive background designs that enhance the overall appearance of the page.
  2. Find 10 sites with unique artistic features. Circle the effect using a circle shape with no fill.
  3. Research the Psychology of Color as it relates to web design (identify your references). Find 5 sites that have applied the psychology of color effectively to enhance their street appeal. Explain why you came to this conclusion for each site you have identified.
  4. Research monochromatic, warm, cool, analogous, and complementary color schemes (identify your resources). Find 5 additional sites that have employed any of the schemes you researched. Clearly identify which color scheme was used in each of your samples.