JavaScript Assignment #3

Each problem below is worth 20 points a piece.

  1. You are depositing money in an account. You deposit different amounts each week. No deposit can be over $250. When you have deposited $1000 you want to end the program and tell how many weeks it took to reach the goal as well as the total amount of the deposits.
  2. Take in three scores from a game and calculate the average. Display the average.
  3. Redo problem #2 so that you use a loop. Your loop should prompt the user 5 times for their individual game score. Use each entry to help you calculate both the total and average of all of the game scores entered. Display both results to the screen.
  4. Redo problem #3 but instead of looping through 5 times, loop through until the total is greater than 500. I want you to print out the final total and average to the screen.
  5. Redo problem #4 so that you have a loop that will take in the score until the user types 000 to say that there are no more scores to report. When the user ends the loop, print out both the total and the average to the screen.